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February 12 and 26, 2018

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Preston County Schools
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Preston County Schools
731 Preston Drive
Kingwood, WV 26537
Superintendent: Stephen L. Wotring
Assistant Superintendent: Bradley R. Martin,
Assistant Superintendent: Angellicia R. Varner

Board Members:
Dr. Clarissa Estep, President
George Keim, Vice-President
Robert, McCrum, Member
Pamela Featheres, Member
Robert Ridenour, Member

February 20, 2018
Dear Preston County School Parent/Guardian:
In a world in which the majority of our communication comes in social media snippets, it is rare that I write a formal letter. Recognizing that communication is key in maintaining a strong relationship, I write this letter to provide each of you with the latest information regarding the impending work stoppage. This has caused many questions and concerns for our parents, our staff, and our students. The highest priority for each of us is the safety and well-being of our students.
I have tried to weigh every option that we have before us and I have waited until the last possible moment in order to provide as much time as I could for our legislators and teacher and service organizations to resolve the issues. It appears that a successful resolution will not be reached in time to avert the work stoppage. There has been a call for a state-wide strike by all 3 personnel associations (WVEA, AFT, and WVSSPA) on Thursday and Friday. We will simply not have the manpower to transport, feed, and safely operate schools. Thus, Preston County Schools will be closed on Thursday (2/22) and Friday (2/23). Our Central Office will be open for business. The law requires that these lost days of instruction be rescheduled. The rescheduled dates will be announced in the very near future. Additionally, students will not report on Monday (2/26) as this is a scheduled professional development day for staff. We anticipate the return of students to school on Tuesday (2/27).
All extracurricular activities will proceed as planned for Thursday and Friday.
I recognize the inconvenience this causes for our families. It is a difficult and confusing time for many resulting in fear and anger. As difficult as these times are, I know that every situation presents an opportunity to learn for both adults and students. I will use every opportunity to ensure that this is a learning opportunity for all.
The Preston County Board of Education supports the efforts of our employees to achieve better salaries, and benefits and to defend public education. Teacher salaries rank 48th in the nation and employees have gone years without a salary increase. School employees have no options for insurance coverage other than PEIA (Public Employee Insurance Agency) as school systems are not permitted to pursue outside insurance to offer to our employees. Significant premium increases have outpaced salaries. In knowing this, my hope is that we can help to support those who support your children. I encourage each of you to reach out to your elected officials and let them know your views. It is my hope that our legislature will work toward a compromise and we can get back to the work we love.
I thank you for your support of Preston County Schools. The ideals that unite us are stronger than the differences that divide us.
Yours in Service,

Stephen L. Wotring

PreK - Kindergarten Registration Information
If your child is already enrolled in PreK in a Preston County School you DO NOT need to register them for Kindergarten.
To register for PreK you need to be 4 years prior to July 1st.
(No Exceptions)

To register for Kindergarten you need to be 5 years old prior to September. 1st.