Bruceton School


Bruceton School Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures 2017-18

In an effort to make the drop-off/pick-up process more efficient, students not riding buses will enter the building from the teacher parking lot.  Staff members will be present to direct cars and assist students as we become familiar with this new procedure.

*For morning drop-off, please have your child seated on the passenger side of the vehicle and unbuckled, if possible.  Staff will be available to assist smaller children, as needed.  We ask that parents do not get out of the vehicle so we can keep the line flowing.

Students will not be permitted to sign-out after 2:00.

*At dismissal, students getting picked-up will report to the staff parking lot and stand on the sidewalk until it is their turn to load.  Please remember to avoid blocking the local businesses.  Again, we ask that no parents get out of the vehicles.

We appreciate your patience with this process.  As we become more familiar with it, dismissal will be much smoother and safer for everyone.

If you would like to purchase a paw print to be displayed on our donor sign at the school, with a name on it. Please download the form below and send it in with your child.

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