Relay for Life, June 27th Information

All Preston County students, staff and families are being challenged to join us for our “School Spirit” lap at 6pm at Relay For Life of Preston County. The event is at the Rowlesburg Park from 3pm-midnight. We encourage students to wear their school colors and walk this lap with us!
In addition, ALL PRINCIPALS are challenged to dress in your best “school spirit” attire! YOU WILL BE JUDGED and awarded a “Superior School Pride” plaque. In the event we have a “tie,” whichever Principal who has the biggest school crowd with them will win!
Also, we will be having a “Penny War” that day! Registered teams are participating in this, but we invite the schools to also! If you would like to participate, please bring a container labeled with your school name. Each group/team will have a collection jar at their site. Pennies are positive points, silver and bills are negative! The group with the largest total wins! Simply, you can put silver and bills in teams you DON’T WANT TO WIN, and pennies into those you DO (you want lots of pennies in your own!!). ALL of the money earned from this challenge will be donated to the ACS and credited to the winning team’s fundraising account (if your school wins, the money will be donated in the School’s name)!
Please contact me if you have any questions! We look forward to having all of you at our event! Bring the whole family! You can find a list of activities on our Facebook page, Relay For Life of Preston County.

Best Wishes, Carrie Cunningham (304) 216-1779
This event occurs on a single day.