Mission/Vision/Core Beliefs

Our Mission:

Lifelong Learners; Lifelong Leaders

Our Vision:

Aurora School’s vision is to prepare and motivate our students to become lifelong learners who exhibit leadership, citizenship, kindness, perseverance, and compassion by instilling in them critical thinking skills, collaborative skills, and high expectations that are essential in today’s global environment. We seek to foster relationships between families, our community, and our school to educate the whole child and to ensure they are prepared for the future.

Our Core Beliefs:

Student success takes collaboration and cooperation among students, faculty, families, and the community.

Given the proper supports, all students have the ability to learn.

Every student must have an equal opportunity to learn and succeed in school and life.

Learning is a lifelong endeavor that extends beyond the school walls.

Educating the whole child requires teaching personal skills and traits such as kindness, compassion, empathy, resiliency, etc. as well as academic skills.

A safe, secure, and supportive environment that meets the basic needs of students and enables them to focus on learning must be provided.

High expectations must be set so that students work in a manner that develops high self-esteem.