1st: Mrs. Miller

Hello Aurora Firsties and Families,

I am super excited to get to know my next batch of kids in the two-hand club.  Six-year olds are my favorite. 

This year teaching and learning will be like no other!  Four of our classmates will join virtually through live chats and streamed videos, while the rest of us are in person.  We will navigate Seesaw, iReady, iPads, virtual classrooms, in-person classrooms, and remote learning days all while sanitizing and social distancing. We will give each other grace and hold each other accountable.  First grade is a BIG year and we have a lot to do. Hold on for a wild ride.   

This is my fourth-year teaching in Aurora and my tenth-year teaching first grade.  I love teaching them to read and add and subtract.  I get complete joy as they sound out words and put sentences together.